Healthy Weight LossThe Advanced Wellness Center’s approach to weight loss focuses on restoring your metabolism to a normal healthy state. With this goal in mind, a program will be developed to support your weight loss for life.

The first step to developing a healthy living program is an accurate measurement of your body’s composition (fat, lean mass, water) and metabolism using an advanced medical research instrument. The results of this examination along with an exploration of your lifestyle and habits, will lead to the development of an individualized program to improve the quality of your daily well being.

We utilize the following programs as the foundation for our healthy weight loss plans. Each program includes regular support visits.

After the birth of my three children, I was never able to get rid of the extra, unwanted pounds. With each passing year the problem seemed to get worse, in spite of my regular exercise program. Thanks to Rebecca and the Advanced Wellness Center I have finally lost those pounds and feel confident that the nutritional habits I have learned will keep them off for good. Thank you so much Rebecca for your help, I am eternally grateful. – Suzette A.


ShapeShift is not a diet plan, but a program that is designed to transform your metabolism. Beyond losing weight, the goal of this program is to improve the shape of your body by supporting healing and changing your body’s internally controlled natural weight set point. You can win the war on weight by working smarter with and not fighting against your body fat intelligence – which controls your weight, cravings and health in response to your lifestyle choices.

This program will lower your body fat, especially where fat is detrimental to both health and beauty. Controlled by various regulation centers in your body, the amount of fat and the location of where it’s stored, affects your health. The ShapeShift program, through innovative new online systems, helps specially trained doctors identify patients’ individual blocks to healthy shape and metabolism. Personalized coaching is used to guide you on how best to enhance your lifestyle to restore your metabolism.

Using the latest research and backed by years of experience, you will be taught how to take inches off your waist without taking years off your life – and without dieting. It’s simple, natural, feels great and you can forever enjoy the healthy changes. The ShapeShift program utilizes a Metabolic Optimization Shake, a breakthrough in metabolic support, as a meal supplement to ensure that you get the nourishment you need, while maximizing your level of energy and reshaping your body.

End dieting forever – shape shift your body into a new, healthier you!

It has been a sincere pleasure to work with Rebecca. Under her care, I have lost about 20 pounds and learned how to eat the right amounts of high-quality foods to maintain my health goals. I have learned that eating the right foods eliminates pain, bloating, fatigue and other symptoms. I have attempted to lose weight many, many times before, but I have never been successful. Rebecca was the key to my success! She is caring, extremely knowledgeable and knows how to get m”e to my goals. – Christy C.

Ultra Lite
This highly successful program from Australia is quickly growing in popularity within the USA and we were the first center to offer it locally. Our patients have experienced fantastic results with this weight loss program, which involves eating three balanced meals and drinking four tasty vitamin, mineral and amino acid shakes each day. Patients report an increase in energy without feeling hungry. With weekly check-ups for support, you can lose an average of 15 pounds in five weeks. Our 5-week program is $547, and our 10-week program cost is $996.

First Line Therapy
This three month program begins with a customized diet based on each individual’s need for protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats. You will learn what foods are good for you to eat and which ones aren’t and how to eat for the rest of your life. This is a 3-month program with weekly visits the first month and bi-monthly thereafter. You can lose up to 25 pounds over the course of this program. The cost is $549, includes a book, customized eating plan, body composition testing and office visits.

Total Body Detoxification
This is a 21-day program. It is perfect for intestinal cleansing and healing at the cellular level and affects all major organ systems because patients eat an unlimited amount of fruit and vegetables. All dairy is eliminated except for whey, which is provided in a daily shake mix. Bowel and organ cleansing fiber and detoxifying herbs are also included. This program is designed to encourage a whole body purification, resulting in a balance of the appetite, glowing skin, lowered cholesterol, elimination of food allergies, healthy weight loss and a restoration of overall vitality. The price of $295 includes a nutrient-dense shake mix, purification herbs and supplements, and visits.

“When I started the program I craved, chocolate, sugar and carbohydrates. After just two weeks, the cravings were gone and the pounds and inches began to come off quickly. As I followed the program, eating the right amounts of proteins and carbohydrates daily, I didn’t feel hungry. I would recommend Ultra Lite and the Advanced Wellness Center to everyone.” – Robin H.

Oriental Medicine Detoxification Program
This program follows Helene Silvers method of using only whole foods and beverages for 21 days. This well-established program is designed to clean the body, repair weak/low-functioning organs, correct bowel function, clean out the lymph and glands, revitalize energy, improve the quality of sleep and inspire one towards keeping a healthy life-style beyond the initial 21 days.

Managed by a licensed acupuncturist, the program is customized to fit each patient. Illness is a major reason to cleanse, but patients need to be guided by a professional to answer the questions and symptoms that arise during the detoxification process.

Acupuncture, massage, colon cleansing, exercise, two days of juice fasting (optional), and lots of great healing foods make up the program. It is designed so you can continue to live your life while on the program. Minimal supplements and maximal organic food are the focus.

As with any of AWC’s programs you may schedule a complementary consultation with the appropriate professional by calling (714) 709-8030.

Frequently Asked Questions
Many of our patients wonder what makes the Advanced Wellness Center approach to weight loss different. We have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions to help you better understand.

I Have A Family; Will It Be Difficult To Be On A Weight Loss Program?
No. Our weight management programs are easy to manage if you cook for a family. You will not have to cook separate meals and your family will benefit from eating healthier.

Will I Be Hungry On Your Weight Loss Programs?
No, you should never be hungry if you are following the instructions. Also, remember, that you need to eat to lose weight, not starve yourself.

I Don’t Cook and Eat Mostly In Restaurants; Can I Still Be Successful On Your Weight Loss Programs?
Yes! Our weight loss programs empower patients to live a healthy life and are easily incorporated into your lifestyle. There is always something to order that will fit in your program.

Will I Have To Exercise?
Of course, you will lose weight faster if you exercise, but we have certain programs that are very effective whether you exercise or not.