Nutritional TherapiesSome patients come to our Center wanting to know which supplements they should be taking and why. Others visit with a list of symptoms and never consider how their nutrition plays a role in their overall health. We use diet, supplement and lifestyle therapies to naturally treat a variety of conditions and imbalances. We not only determine the most appropriate nutrients for your body’s needs, but also the correct dosage and proper time to take them.

Holistic Diagnostic Screening

The Advanced Wellness Center offers a wide range of preventative diagnostic screenings designed to determine your body’s deficiencies and imbalances. Initial diagnostic screenings may include a health history questionnaire, vitality and longevity assessment, screening for possible food and environmental allergens, heart rate variability and a body composition evaluation using bio-impedance assessment instrumentation (an advanced medical instrument to measure not only body fat and metabolism, but also cellular health).

With the test results in-hand we can build a nutritional strategic plan to effectively restore your health. We also work with the best local and national laboratories to provide you with:

  • Holistic blood analysis
  • Genome testing (DNA testing for genetic strengths and weaknesses)
  • Saliva and urine testing (for hormone and brain chemistry balance; cancer risks; heavy metal exposure; nutritional balance, etc.)

Health, Diet and Lifestyle

Conflicting nutritional information found in the media or reported by various health authorities is confusing. At Advanced Wellness Center, we realize that many of the concepts presented to the public have not only been wrong, but have contributed to the poor health of society today. Old concepts, such as the low-fat and non-fat food craze, have shorted our bodies of desperately needed nutrients, increased our fatigue and body fat, all the while decreasing optimal performance of our metabolism.

I came to AWC for help with depression and fatigue. I met with Rebecca regarding my nutritional deficiencies and needs, as well as weight reduction. Thanks to Rebecca, I have learned to feed my body properly and eat wholesome foods. I also learned to eat intuitively instead of emotionally and I have lots of energy, am more focused and much happier. – Tamara B.

There is no one nutritional plan that suits everyone. Our practitioners specialize in assessing your needs to tailor a program specifically for you. By customizing therapeutic food and diet plans we can restore your wellness, support healthy body composition and improve your well-being.

Anti-Aging Programs

Our approach to slowing the aging process and restoring your youthful vitality incorporates advanced diagnostic assessments of your body’s current state of function and relative aging. Based on the findings, proven fundamental strategies are employed to restore your body’s health and longevity. The core assessments that provide valuable insights to your health and relative state of aging are:

  • Computerized health and lifestyle evaluation
  • Bio-impedance testing of body composition and determination of relative cellular health
  • Heart rate variability evaluation to determine the health of your autonomic nervous system (which controls your organs) and how stress affects it

By combining your test results with your health and aging goals, we can provide a comprehensive lifestyle, diet and supplement support program tailored to address and reverse negative effects on your aging and risks for disease.

Learning/ADD Therapies

We offer a variety of approaches to assist children and adults challenged by learning disabilities, beginning with an assessment to discover underlying causes. For instance, have you or your child experienced:

  • Difficulty maintaining attention?
  • Difficulty listening when spoken to directly?
  • Easy distraction by external stimuli?
  • Fidgeting with hands or squirming in seat?
  • Forgetfulness in daily activities?
  • Lack of focus and concentration?
  • Irregular sleep patterns?

If you answered sometimes or often to two or more of the above questions, an AWC health professional can advise you about natural solutions to help you maintain focus and overcome learning disabilities. These solutions range from special dietary guidance and nutritional therapies to neurological rebalancing (which may include advanced chiropractic, craniopathy, low-level laser synchronization, heart rate variability, biofeedback training for relaxation and mental focusing, and color/sound therapies).

Many children and adults who experience learning disabilities and hyperactivity issues may suffer from a neurotransmitter imbalance. Neurotransmitters are brain chemicals that relay signals between nerve cells and are required for proper brain function. Addressing this imbalance can be the key to getting ADD and learning issues under control, whether the underlying cause is dietary, stress, genetics or other factors. Left untreated, every system in your body is affected and can result in a negative impact to your overall health.

Frequently Asked Questions
Many of our patients wonder how healthy and balanced nutrition affects the body and its systems. We have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions to help you better understand these key elements to healthy living.

How are Food Plans Designed?
Custom plans are designed according to your body and blood type, food allergies, known diagnosed conditions and many other considerations.

What are Some of the Symptoms of Poor Nutrition?
Some of the body’s responses to poor nutritional health include: Digestive challenges, hormonal imbalances, poor memory, joint pain and inflammation, damaged metabolism and difficulty losing or gaining weight.

How Do Natural Therapies Compare to Traditional Treatments for Learning Disorders/ADD?
Prescription drugs designed to treat ADD and learning disorders may provide temporary relief by manipulating existing neurotransmitter imbalances or forcing a further depletion of already strained levels. But, without a sufficient supply to begin with, the drugs may not be effective or their effect sustainable. Further, medications often focus on a single neurotransmitter, such as serotonin, but ADD and learning disorders may involve more than one chemical. Such conditions require more complex natural formulations that will address the involvement of multiple transmitter deficiencies.

What Training and Approaches are Incorporated at AWC?

  • Biomarkers: You Can Control the Aging Process! With this revolutionary, medically proven program that can add years to your life and life to your years. William Evans, PhD; Irwin H. Rosenburg, MD.
  • Health Coach: Optimizing the understanding of patients’ health needs/goals and the best means of support to reach those goals. Mark Perceval, DC, ND; (Health 2010).
  • Body By Design, Health By Choice: Master your body fat and weight regulation systems while building health, vitality and natural immunity. Gregory Kelly, ND; Mark Perceval, DC, ND.
  • Institute of Functional Medicine: Improving Genetic Expression in the Prevention of the Disease of Aging. Jeffrey S. Bland, PhD.
  • Numerous other seminars are available for reference.