Massage Therapy In Westminster, CA

The relaxed state often achieved during and after massage has a positive effect on your overall physical condition.

Styles of Massage


    Therapeutic massage targets problem areas by using pressure on specific trigger points to reduce symptoms of chronic pain. It also helps repair and heal soft tissue damage.


    Neuromuscular therapy massage relieves muscle pain and stiffness due to injuries, stress or chronic muscle fatigue, while relaxing the entire body.


    Swedish massage (also called circulatory massage) generally uses long strokes and a light touch to achieve deep relaxation and improve circulation of the circulatory and lymphatic systems.

Deep Tissue

    Deep tissue massage stimulates, rejuvenates and energizes major muscle groups to improve performance, flexibility and circulation.

Myofascial release

    Fascia is a continuous band of connective tissue that lies beneath the skin, covering all muscles, tendons, ligaments and the internal organs. In this type of massage, attention is given to that fascia attached to the musculoskeletal system. Using gentle, but sustained pressure applied to fascia which is bound, or restricted, can loosen up previously restricted muscle movement and reduce or even eliminate pain.

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